Route 16 Thunder Rally

Poker Run

Start your engines!! Mustering for a 10 am departure, the Poker Run will take in our picturesque Eastern shoreline including our three favourite lookoff vistas. With a lunch stop, a fuel stop and conclusion at Canso’s historic Whitman’s Wharf, the Poker Run is not to be missed.

As a smaller rally, we are considerably more flexible with our Poker Run to allow new riders or those who have not ridden in large groups a chance to get comfortable. Riding at the back of the pack in a smaller pod, or on your own is perfectly acceptable. Your comfort and safety is our top priority!

Each rider must sign a participant liability waiver prior to taking part in the ride. The waiver is signed when checking in to the rally and confirmed by your wristband. All riders will have their wristband checked prior to departure.

Passengers must also have a Rally Pass wristband and therefore will have signed the liability waiver.

Check your registration package for the map of the Poker Run and carry it with you in case you become separated from the pack.

Our Poker Run is proudly escorted by the RCMP. We also provide a support vehicle following the run in case any mechanical problems arise.